Settting up cloned server image

Hi all,

After many years of manually installs of my OES/SLES servers, I decided to start using a preinstalled image.

But now I'm bumping on the process, as I can't find a practical way to force the cloned image to jump back to the initialization/basic setup dialogs.

AutoYast doesn't seems to be a solution to me, as it would need a different config file for each new server. "FirstBoot" seems to be very close of my needs, but it's not working (it gives an error when I try to set up the server hostname).

I've google a lot, and found some references to a script named "clone-master-clean-up" (from a package with the same name), but it is not available on OES2018 image or repositories (at least the ones I have access to).

Any help will be very appreciated.

  • You rely to virtual maschines?
    My recommendation is: Get familiar with AutoYaST. The SLES12 install routine asks really early for the IP address. And these nail the install process to these one host.
    An other way is to make one standart VM without IP/Network config. (and therefore without registration and without patches). Each time you need a new one, copy this VM, configure network, run updates and install OES-Patterns afterwise.

    But at the end a SLES12 is installed in a few minutes so preinstall helps only if there are a lot of servers have to be installed.
  • I would agree with you, except by the fact that yes, there are a lot of servers to install or upgrade, and most of them are located behind slow WAN links.