Strange error starting CIFS

Hi all: yesterday I was trouble shooting a CIFS issue. I had restarted the CIFS service on an OES 2018.1 server and then checked the status. While the service was running fine, I took notice of two errors related to old CIFS shares long since removed. The error is "RPC: GetVolumesList: Failed to add volume "ZEN" into CIFS list, error: -1. The other was for another old CIFS share.

Looking into this I discovered a TID which described the same problem. The solution was to edit the server properties removing any reference to the errant CIFS shares under attribute nfapCIFSShares. When I checked this out the problematic old CIFS shares were not present. So now I am stuck.

Does anyone know of other locations on an OES 2018.1 server which would contain these old CIFS shares? Config file? Another eDir object?

Thanks for the help, Chris.