ncpcon nss resync syntax question

Just discovered that sometime ago on our OES box the DATA (that's our NCP share) volume's ._NETWARE folder got renamed.   We never noticed, and don't know who did it.    We just had a power outage and the server got rebooted, so everyone lost their rights.

I finally discovered what had happened, and copied the files from the renamed folder back over the files in the ._NETWARE folder that the server recreated upon reboot. 
Then I ran " ncpcon nss resync=DATA" but it's been running for 45 minutes already and I'm not seeing any rights restored.   This seems like a really long time.   Granted, there are about 3500 folders with individual rights granted to each in there (each holds the user's GroupWise archive) but that still seems slow to me.

Did I need to unmount and remount the volume first?   Is there anything special about the syntax? 
KB article 7001930 just says use "VOLUME_NAME"  which in our case is simply DATA, but does it need the colon afterward or anything?