OES Client - Update Agent fails - log files?

OK, user has Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit

Using Novell client 2 SP3 IR7

Deployed reg key to "turn on" the Update Agent tab and it has the correct settings for our environment.

The Novell client does prompt to update the agent (and you can do it manually via right-click, Red N, Update Agent).

User gets asked if they want to update the agent.  click Yes

Then it fails with:

"Error: The attempt to update the Novell Client Configuration Settings was unsuccessful."


We've done this same upgrade on about 20 workstations so far and all work except this one.

1) I found TID https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=3413405  but I can't seem to find the cuagent.ini anywhere.  The install.ini is just fine, no drive letters for the unattend.txt file


2) Even though the box is checked for "use administrator" privileges, I'm wondering if this is the issue on this PC?  (Although our helpdesk assured me they tested this on numerous workstations where the user doesn't have admin privileges).


So is there a log file somewhere that'll tell me the real reason why it's failing?


  • Well another user reports the same issue now.  The only thing both have in common at this point is that they are not "local administrators"of their machines.

    Unfortunately the documentation isn't very specific about the checkbox (which *is* checked) for:

    Use Administrator Privileges

    All the online docs say is :

    "When the Update Agent is run, it uses the service to obtain the required privileges to install the Client. This allows non-administrator users to update the Client. If Use Administrator Privileges is not selected, the Update is performed using the privileges of the logged in user."


    It doesn't say what "the service" is.


  • OK, seems to be the service is:


    Novell Client Update Agent Service


    It's completely missing from the pc's affected for some reason.

    We used AD GPO to deploy the reg keys to turn on the settings.

  • First of all: SP3IR7 has been pulled and replaced by SP3IR7a in early May 2014

    That being said: apart from the cuagent service running properly you'll likely depend on stuff being mentioned here


    if you're running unattended. I'd apply the patch and import the certificate beforehand. Just tried your offset on a lab VM successfully, but running ATTENDED, so i could respond to the codesign certificate dialog. As the cert was properly imported along with a successful client installation i'd guess the agent itself has done a good job. But i'd assume it to fail if trying to install silently if it stumbles over the "do you want to trust..." box.



  • Thanks Mathias,


    No issues/worries about the cert install at this point, only because we never even get that far.

    So far, early indications are that you must be a full admin of the machine in order to even enable the checkbox/service.

    Even deploying the reg key via GPO (which does things as "admin") don't work.

    Only other thing is that I'm going to have to see how to get the service *added* into the services listing via GPO.