Again updates instead of patches in the channel

Again zypper offers updates but no patches:


# zypper lu Refreshing service 'nu_novell_com'. Loading repository data... Reading installed packages... S | Repository | Name | Current Version | Available Version | Arch -- ------------------ -------------------------------- ----------------- ------------------- ------- v | OES2018-SP1-Pool | Open_Enterprise_Server-release | 2018.1-1.367 | 2018.1-1.368 | x86_64 v | OES2018-SP1-Pool | edirectory-oes-nici | 3.1.0-7.3 | 3.1.0-11.2 | x86_64 v | OES2018-SP1-Pool | edirectory-oes-nici-32bit | 3.1.0-7.3 | 3.1.0-11.2 | x86_64 # zypper lu -t patch Refreshing service 'nu_novell_com'. Loading repository data... Reading installed packages... No updates found.


Documentation explicitly warns against installing updates:

IMPORTANT:Do not use the zypper up command by itself without the -t option to update an OES server. Always use the -t patch option as described in Section 8.4.1, Updating the Server Using the Command Line.

If the -t patch option is omitted, zypper includes SLES packages in the download that can cripple or completely break OES services.

The -t patch option also ensures that patch metadata (including script files, etc.) is downloaded so that SLES can correctly update the system.

What to do with these updates? Ignore?



  • These packages are contained in the updated installation image OES2018-SP1-DVD-x86_64-RevA-DVD1.iso which shipped in early October. I think that's why they've landed in the "pool" channel (as opposed to the "update" one). As every new installation performed with this ISO would result in these packages being active i'd guess they won't harm if being applied to a "legacy" box.


  • Please also note that the binaries also made it to the update channel with the latest scheduled maintenance. While the nici RPMs in the "pool" have a higher version number than in the "updates" (3.1.0-11.2 as opposed to 3.1.0-11.1) at least the relevant nici shared object binaries are identical.


  • Yesterday I installed the maintenance patches. After that the updates where still there (on those servers where I did not install them before). When I installed the updates after the patches, zypper ps returned no open files - therefore I also thought that the patches probably contained the same files as the updates.

    I still find this confusing ... don't like the guesswork if it's an mistable by MF or if there is an idea behind.

    Thanks for helping,