Win10/Novell Client 2 SP4 (IR2): AutoAdminLogon not working

Hello everyone,

i tried now almost every Setting/constellation possible to achive an AutoAdminLogon with a local Administrator user (administrator) and an edirectory user (installer).

local admin account Name: Administrator (build-in-admin-account)
edir user Name: installer
context: others.kug
tree: kug

both have the same Password!

our ZCM Agent is for testing purposes also not installed!

it is just a clean Windows 10 (german) Enterprise Version 1511 (Build 10586.104) with the novell Client 2 SP4 (IR2) installed.

SLP is configured and working fine
(i have 0 issues with the autoadminlogon on my current Windows 7 professional setup!)

within the novell Client properties i only edited this Settings:
- Default User Profile: context: others.kug tree: kug to match the installer-user-context!
- and the slp Settings (screenshot above)

for the autoadminlogon i set the following registry keys as mentioned in the offical documentation:

"DefaultPassword"="our default pw"


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
"DefaultPassword"="our default pw"

the Autologon behaviour is always the same:
after Setting everything up and rebooting the machine,
a Login is definitly attempted by the machine and after a short period of time
the Windows Login Screen Shows up and i am asked for user Name and Password!

i also set the "Max Retries Boot Threshold" to a higher value mentioned in this TID: --> without success

- without the novell Client installed, the autoadminlogon (Windows only of Course) is just working fine!
- i can manually Login as local Administrator and as edirectory user installer!

Does anyone have the same issue? I really need a solution for this Problem as soon as possible.
Hopefully you guys can help me out!

Thx in advance,

PS: i also noticed the same behaviour as already mentioned in this Forum thread: