oes18sp2 and patches

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone could help, Upgrade our servers from oes18-sp1 to oes18-sp2 all worked fine. Then I patched the servers using SMT and have found that during patches install crash occurs on all servers. Seems that there is an issue with grub2-i386, dracut and tomcat-servlet-4_0-api patches. Never seen this before.

  • Please log an SR and let us know the number.



  • I've had a similar problem today on OES 18sp2.  Server working fine, than ran yast online_update, installed latest patches, rebooted, and now NDSD won't start.

    I've raised an SR (SR#101308191561 ), but not heard anything yet.

  • Just wondering if there was a solution to this.  Upgraded servers to OES2018 SP2 all working fine then when patching an error:

    Subprocess failed. Error: RPM failed: error: package grub2-i386-pc-2.02-12.21.1.x86_64 is not installed

    patching fails.

  • How did you perform the upgrade from SP1 to SP2? Media? Wagon?

    Did you include current code from the SP2 update channels during the upgrade?

    Had the SP1 offset been patched to the top before starting the upgrade?

    Is EFI in use?


  • SP1 was patched with latest updates prior upgrading to SP2. Upgraded to SP2 using media and did not include the update channel during the upgrade. Upgrade went well, all services up and running after upgrade.

    Then using our SMT channel for patching. No dependency errors are detected then half way though patching quits unexpected. Run the patch again and the error is detected.

    EFI is not used.

    The following packages are also detected as excluded packages;



  • I try to avoid this way of upgrading if ever possible as it generally involves downgrading code. And the more time passes by after the media release the greater the gap will be. Nevertheless i've just duped the way you went and had no issues. So let's concentrate on


    which is the version you SHOULD have after a media-based upgrade to SP2 without the SP2 update channels (this build resides in both the ISO file and the pool repo). The error you're facing implies that you have something older after the media upgrade and before patching via SMT. Which build do you have right after the media upgrade?


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    Thanks for your time in responding.  Found the issue, during patching cpu was coring. resolved the core issue and patches install successfully.