Issues with tempfs after upgrading to OES2018

For anybody upgrading OES to a version, which is on top of SLES 12, you should be aware that there was (is?) a bug in the upgrade script.

Starting with SLES 12 the "run" directory changed from "/var/run" to "/run". And in "/var" there should be only a symbolic link to "/run" named  "run".

But the upgrade script did (does?) not empty the "/var/run" directory so you ended up with 2 "run" directories "/run" and "var/run" both as tempfs. ( I had this on all upgrades from OES2015)

Therefore during shutdown it happened quite often, that the tempfs could not be unloaded and started at next bootup in an undefined state.

To remediate this just clear the "var/run" directory completely and create the symbolic link to "/run" (There is a SUSE KB article on this, which I do not find at the moment). But you must do this before the tempfs takes over those directories - that means, you need to do this in offline mode on the filesystem from a live CD or similar system. Afterwards your system shuts down errorless and boots up clean.