Novell Client 2 SP2 (IR2) for Windows now available

Novell Client 2 SP2 (IR2) for Windows 7, Server, Server 2008, and Vista
is now available for download from

New fixes included in the Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR2):
1. Possible NCP connection leak for user after eDirectory server-side or
administrator password change. (Bug 752320)
2. After installing IR1, login script INCLUDE statements and external
programs may not run. (Bug 748170)
3. In very rare cases, the Microsoft credential provider may be
displayed in addition to Novell's. (Bug 746257)
4. Show Advanced Options can sometimes not show the correct login
profile contents. (Bug 745125)
5. Integration of Novell NMAS Identity Plug-In support with Novell
Client credential provider. (Bug 742938)
6. Accessing a NCP-based file beyond end of file may return 0 bytes
successfully instead of STATUS_END_OF_FILE. (Bug 742041)
7. Improve information provided when attempting to install older Novell
Client over existing newer client. (Bug 726739)
8. Login script execution sometimes does not occur for
non-Administrators Windows users. (Bug 714438)
9. Drives successfully mapped in login script sometimes never appear in
Windows Explorer. (Bug 677102)
10. Kernel-mode crash in NDS4.SYS may occur when Secondary IPAddress
resource moves to different cluster node. (Bug 667181)
11. Wrong login profile may be updated when first login is performed
using LOGINW32.EXE or red 'N' Novell Login. (Bug 504289)
12. Invalid login profile is created if user login profile name contains
a backslash character. (Bug 486387)
13. Accelerator key ALT A is not working in the Update Agent tab of the
Novell Client Properties window. (Bug 434236)
14. Addition of Swedish language translation support to Novell Client
for Windows.

Technical Support Information:
NOTE: In some environments, a workstation running Novell Client 2 SP2
for Windows may crash without any apparent cause. The problem can be
resolved by disabling the File Caching feature. See TID 3532535 for more

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