Upgrading OES 2015 to OES2018 SP1 - Anything to watch out for?

Assuming a DVD upgrade? Shove in the OES 2018 Sp1 DVD, boot and select upgrade? Only thing that irks me is that this 2015 server has an issue where nss will not autostart. Ie I have to start nss manually afer booting.

rcnovell-nss start
df -h
rcapache2 start


Should I fix that before upgrading or hope that the upgrade will sort it out? Root partition has 3.8Gb free

  • Managed to free a few extra Gbs on the root partition.

    Upgrade insisted that it could not upgrade LDAP as time was out of sync:


    Sep 07 21:07:22 ldapConfigVersion Sep 07 21:07:22 UpgradeLDAPServerObject failed in InstallLDAP, err = time not synchronized (-659) Sep 07 21:07:23 An error occurred while configuring product LDAP. Error description Time not synchronized..-659 Sep 07 21:07:23 NDSIInstallDSProduct: Returning -659. Sep 07 21:07:23 DHModuleInit_dsi: Returning -659.


    But ndsrepair -T said all was fine... Solution: Delete the LDAP server and group objects for that server and retry:


    Sep 07 21:19:58 Installing LDAP Server and Group objects... Sep 07 21:19:58 No LDAP Server referenced by NDS Server object 'CN=ARGO\O=ASP', creating new LDAP Server Sep 07 21:19:58 Successfully created LDAP Server object 'CN=LDAP Server - ARGO\O=ASP' at config version 12 Sep 07 21:19:58 No LDAP Group referenced by LDAP Server object 'CN=LDAP Server - ARGO\O=ASP', creating new LDAP Group Sep 07 21:19:58 Successfully created LDAP Group object 'CN=LDAP Group - ARGO\O=ASP' at config version 12 Sep 07 21:19:58 Successfully Installed LDAP Server and Group objects Sep 07 21:19:58 NDSIInstallDSProduct: Successfully Configured LDAP service


    Upgraded server does not seem to have any issues after that. Now NSS starts up just fine with the server.