separating novell servers

We had one Novell server. I installed another Novell server because we were unable to expand the volumes in the first server.
Also the second server was attached to same edirectory tree as the first. For sometime connection was done to volumes in second through the first.
The first server Volume data has been moved to the new server.
Now I would like to disconnect the first server and also remove the association between second and first in the edirectory.
How to achieve this?


  • Basically you are asking how to remove a server from eDirectory, and it
    can be as simple as the following two steps, but do not stop there:

    1. Turn off the server you are finished using.
    2. Delete the now-obsolete server's NCP Server object from eDirectory.

    Now that is as easy as it CAN be, in reality there are a few things you
    should check first. Was this the first server in the tree? If so, it is
    probably the host of the Certificate Authority (CA), and that will not
    magically have moved to your new server. Moving it is something you can
    probably do, unless your CA is VERY old, using TIDs:

    Even more important is that the old server is likely the Mater replica of
    one or more partitions. You can easily use iManager (or ConsoleOne) under
    Partitions and Replicas to choose your new server and promote it to be the
    Master. Once the state shows 'On' for each partition (you may have as few
    as one tree [root] partition, or as many partitions as you have
    containers, but they are not automatically created so just one is likely
    for you) you are done with this step. Be sure you change all partitions,
    as applicable. If you forget to do this somehow all is not lost, but you
    really should be sure this is done to avoid manually repairing things
    which just wastes time.

    Along the same lines, if you have multiple partitions in your tree you
    MUST be sure that the new server hosts a real (read/write or Master
    typically) copy of each partition. If you do not do this then any
    partitions not held in a real replica on the new server will be lost
    forever once you get rid of your old server.

    With all of this in mind, I'll propose these alternative steps:

    1. Figure out how many partitions you have, and how many replicas (and on
    which servers) of those partitions you have. You may find a CoolSolution
    I wrote useful for this, but iManager is the main way to view and modify
    the details:

    2. Be sure that the new server holds a real replica (Read/Write or
    Master) of every partition found in #1. Doing otherwise could result in
    permanent data loss.

    3. Be sure that the old server does NOT hold the Master replica of any
    partition. You likely only have a tree [root] partition, so make sure the
    new server is the Master of that, but if you have more, the same applies
    for all partitions.

    4. Move the CA per TIDs like 3618399, or the documentation.

    5. Check old server backups; they exist, right?

    6. Turn off the old server.

    7. Wait. What are you waiting for? Complaints. It's trivial to turn
    the old server back on if you missed something, at least until you take
    the next step.

    8. Fdisk the old server, or otherwise be sure it NEVER boots again. If
    it does, it could corrupt your now-healthy tree.

    9. Delete the old server's NCP server object from the tree. Be SURE you
    do not delete the new server's NCP server object, as that is wrong, and is
    really bad. Deleting server objects is extra-protected by tools like
    iManager and ConsoleOne, so they'll take their time to be sure the server
    being deleted is really truly gone, and that's fine; appreciate this

    Good luck.

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