only one user is not getting autheticated to the oes server

We have to oes servers, primary and secondary under the same TREE, Context. Primary has few volumes and secondary has few volumes. In the Imanager client, I have created scripts for one user to map to volumes in primary and secondary server. Now when this user logs into the OES windows client, only primary server volumes are getting mapped. In the connections window, I see that the user was not authenticated into the second server. I geting an error code 0x89ff.
Also, few volumes of secondary server are not showing in the Files and Properties browser in IManager (Windows client).
Another problem, If I create an user by logging into the primary server using Imananger, this user is not being shown when I connect to the secondary server through IManager.
Basically, there should be a way to synchronize the edirectory between primary and secondary -. How do I do this sync manually?
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  • In article <>, Srinivaskv
    > Basically, there should be a way to synchronize the edirectory between
    > primary and secondary -. How do I do this sync manually?

    This sounds like you have a basic eDir health problem
    Start off with running the following diagnostic/health check commands
    (case is important) on each server and compare the results.
    ndsrepair -T
    ndsrepair -E
    ndsrepair -C -Ad -A
    these commands can be run regularly to check system health, and in this
    case I suspect they will show us something leading to the root cause,
    possibly a network level communications issue.
    iManager run off of each of the servers should show the same thing under
    normal circumstances (at least having given a short bit of time to sync
    any changes.)

    Can the servers at least ping each other? Can the workstation(s) ping
    both servers?

    Andy of in Toronto
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