Cifs Problem on cluster

Hello All,
I am completly stuck...been on the forums and cannot figure out what is wrong.
From the start. We had a netware 6.5 so8 cluster running no problem. Just NSS no CIFS. New boss comes in and wants to move to AD. I recommend keeping the clusters and upgrade to Suse Linux 10 sp3 (so much better with our IDM solution as well) and putting CIFS shares on the servers so that MS clients can access their drives.
Well upgraded to SuseLinux SP3 OES2 now SP3. When i add the cifs protocol and restart the cluster resource goes to comotose. Thninking this is the same error as previously documented have tried running :
python cn=ZENVOLUME_SERVER,cn=STCL,ou=STU,o=CAMPUS ZENVOLCIFS ldaps:// cn=admin,o=campus PASSWORD

comes up with error :

INVALID_DN_SYNTAX: {'info': 'NDS error: illegal ds name (-610)', 'desc': 'Invalid DN syntax'}

the cluster object is correct... what am i doing wrong.... i can add the log files if needed

Thanks all...