OES client corrupts windows 10 login

I installed the latest OES client on an hp notebook twice and after re-booting I could not login to windows. I get Username or password invalid, I rebooted in safe mode and used restore to get my login to work.  I did this two times.

I need the client installed so can anyone help with this issue?


Thank you!


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    I need the client installed so can anyone help with this issue?

    You don't provide any details to assist with a diagnosis...

    1. What version of Windows are you using? 
    2. What version of the OES client did you install?
    3. Did you try a computer only logon and/or a network login?
    4. Does the OES client work on a different computer?
    5. Do the Windows Event Logs contain any useful clues?
    6. What other information do you think might be helpful?
  • Thank you Mr. Boyle,

    The subject clearly states Windows 10 and I did say "Windows" login so I assumed it would be evident I was not referring to network however since the login by default is both I see I should have made it clear that I was talking about local pc login only.and I should have stated it is win 10 pro
    The windows version is latest update and so is the client.
    I have 3 workstations running the same client, 2 win 10 pro and one win 7pro
    I don't think I can review the logs because as I said I restored the notebook to a previous version so I could login. SO let me please reiterate the issue more clearly.
    Windows 10 Pro   latest version all updates
    OES 2 SP4 ir10 client
    hp Notebook 64 bit
    1. Installed OES client
    2. Re-booted
    3 Attempt to login to local pc only
    4.  Presented Invalid credentials statement
    5 RE-booted into safe mode
    6 Restored notebook to previous version.
    7. Tried again same results
  • Have you tried the latest Client for OES, SP5 IR2?  Here is the link:


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