Cleaning up eDirectory Tree

We are in the process of cleaning up our eDirectory Tree OFF the servers that are not required in production any more. The tree consist of both Netware and Oes Servers. A number of child partitions need to be merged into root and subsequently deleting the container is required to do. 

All useful suggestions provided best practices to be followed will be highly appreciated.

  • Hi Syed,

    For others reading this thread: See Syed's related post migrating from Netware 6.5 to Oes2018sp1.

    I will likely take a back seat to this discussion as there are other Knowledge Partners who have much more eDirectory experience than I do. I invite  and  / @aburgemeister to offer some suggestions.

  • The key is to keeping the whole tree healthy and catching any issues before they impact users/production or make moving forward really difficult.  The following process is the basic eDir health check that can be run at any time on any/all of your eDir servers.

    First make sure your timesync is working and check it frequently as you proceed and fix any issues ASAP before working on the other eDir structural changes.  Time getting off can really mess you up with the changes you will be working on.

    on NetWare: load dsrepair, Time synchronization
    on OES:  ndsrepair -T

    2nd make sure they are all synchronizing, especially from some of the root partition servers.

    on NetWare: load dsrepair, Report synchronization status
    on OES:  ndsrepair -E

    Periodically make sure there are no stuck obituaries left on any of the servers (especially when you first start)

    on NetWare:  load dsrepair -a, Advanced Options, Check External References
    on OES:  ndsrepair -C -Ad -A


    For a more details on these checks, see: