Storage on SLES 10 sp3 OES sp3 box...

I login to iManager (ANY iManager) and go to Storage, then Pools and select a certian server, and it just hangs there. I have to kill the session in the browser, and start over. If I select another server, its all good. I will probably SP4 the sles 10, and reboot one of these weekends. Othewise the server is running, volumes accessible, no issuses at all. Should I be concerned?
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  • On 01.02.2012 15:06, bwisupport wrote:
    > Try
    > #~ rcnovell-httpstkd restart
    > This will not effect anything except iManager...

    Common misconception. iManager has absolutely no connection whatsoever
    to httpstkd, nor does remote manager (which is what httpstkd serves),
    any connection whatsoever to Apache or tomcat (the other very common
    misconception). ;)

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