Rug Gui not showing any more updates but I know there are

This is 64bit NOWS SBE 2.5

This is about my tenth install on the same machine trying to get through it.

After I installed, the Rug Gui showed one update. I did that update and then rebooted.

Rug Gui then showed 103 updates to do. It was late in day so I shut down the server.

This morning I came in and started the machine up and the Rug Gui showed the same 103 updates to do. I was reading email on a separate machine and glanced over at the NOWs terminal and noticed the Rug Gui had turned into a Globe (not the exclamation point). I seriously DID NOT TOUCH THE THING.

Now when I click on the Globe it says no updates available.

The past two installs, I would install, go through the first update, then the 103 updates, and then when it rebooted the Rug would not show the updates to move to the next service packs. I initially thought it was a problem in the customer center b/c I had accumulated several machines against my license (even though they are just rebuilds of the same machine), but this time I had removed all the systems from the customer center online BEFORE I did this last install. Anyone have any ideas as to how to get my updates back working?
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  • Got it to work with Novell assistance. FYI, he basically gave me a workaround where everytime I did an update and the RUG broke, I would re-register at the command line. This would fix RUG, I would do another round of updates, RUG broke again, re-register, and so on. Interestingly one of the updates, something like slesp3-sfwaremgmt-201101 was described as fixing this exact issue. After that update was done, I no longer had to re-register and the RUG did not break anymore. So that is that. Now I'm trying to fix my arcserve issue where as soon as it accesses the tape it "cannot allocate memory".