Rug Gui not showing any more updates but I know there are

This is 64bit NOWS SBE 2.5

This is about my tenth install on the same machine trying to get through it.

After I installed, the Rug Gui showed one update. I did that update and then rebooted.

Rug Gui then showed 103 updates to do. It was late in day so I shut down the server.

This morning I came in and started the machine up and the Rug Gui showed the same 103 updates to do. I was reading email on a separate machine and glanced over at the NOWs terminal and noticed the Rug Gui had turned into a Globe (not the exclamation point). I seriously DID NOT TOUCH THE THING.

Now when I click on the Globe it says no updates available.

The past two installs, I would install, go through the first update, then the 103 updates, and then when it rebooted the Rug would not show the updates to move to the next service packs. I initially thought it was a problem in the customer center b/c I had accumulated several machines against my license (even though they are just rebuilds of the same machine), but this time I had removed all the systems from the customer center online BEFORE I did this last install. Anyone have any ideas as to how to get my updates back working?
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  • Correct; he was going to email me all the commands, but never got around to it, so I just used the memory feature of the command line to bring up the commands he had used; basically it was stuff like stopping zmd, removing the zmd cache, removing the zmd secret, removing the zmd device id, then suse_register. It is similar to another TID floating around.