Ok first post in these new forums. I like the old ones better.

Ok latest version of kanaka plugin installed. This is on Mojave new machine.

The issue we are seeing is that installs fine but when you go to the directory

services on the mac it does not display Kanaka any longer. So how the 

heck are we suppose to configure this now. 

This plugin is missing now also on existing macs that are upgraded from

10.13.16 to 10.14.6 don't have the plugin listed any longer, but the do 

continue to be able to login with new accounts with kanaka. How amd

I suppose to configure or make any changes? 

I don't care who's fault it is. Just need a fix.



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  • Ok I figured out a resolution for this. 

    If you have an existing system setup like on an older version or even that was 

    upgraded to Mojave. You can grab the following file on the working system

    and copy it to the same location on the new Mojave machine. Make sure

    you set the ownership correctly on the new system to be root:wheel. 

    You will need root access to accomplish this.


    I have also since tested oil the latest Public beta of Catalina and it works

    there just fine and adds the system pref as well. Never get the system

    pref at all on Mojave.


    I have don't this twice now and has worked.

    Good luck