eDir audit reporting for logins and logouts - XDAS?

Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I've searched across the knowledge base and the forums and not found an answer.
We are required to report on login and logout activity on our network (Gov requirement). We're using eDirectory along with DSFW. I've posted in here as our user info is held in eDir.

Our SLES servers are running eDir 8.8 sp6 and sp7. On the server that holds the master replica, I've installed the eDir Instrumentation iManager plugin for auditing. However its not clear from XDASv2 what needs to be configured to audit login and logout information and how I can send that to our syslog server (Splunk) for reporting.

We have got DSMeter installed on the two remaining Netware servers, but with these being removed, I need a reliable, auditable method of reporting login and logout information.

Anyone with any experience of doing this or configuring XDAS?

Many thanks.
  • I do not know that it will answer your question, but TID# 7012483 has been
    created to give a bit of a soft push into XDAS setup on eDirectory. With
    that said, it does not give much information (or did not the last time I
    checked) on what to implement to get certain types of events, which is
    what you are asking. If nothing else it may get you close enough to
    experiment a bit and find the answer.

    The Novell Audit-based logging method does, however, provide what you're
    after. If you do not need XDAS you could go with that route instead and
    point the servers at a Log Manager installation. NetIQ provides a base,
    low-EPS installation of Log Manager that may meet your needs for data
    collection and reporting depending on the number of logins you have per
    period of time.

    Good luck.