CA certificate authority : Once you recreated what is next

All, I'm a long way from reaching that level that I would live be at with CA.

Today I successfully relocated my Certificate Authority from a Netware 6.5 to a SLES SP3 OES SP2 successfully.

After moving the CA to anther server: I'm asking for anyone's help to let me know if I need to run any command utilities so my other SLES/OES servers knows about the new serve holding the CA.
For some reason I can not believe is that simple.
  • If you moved the CA per documentation/TIDs then that is it. The CA dd not
    "move" in eDirectory, other than its Host Server attribute, so all links
    still work. Also, every KMO stores a copy of the CA's Self-Signed
    certificate, so even if you deleted the CA other certs would all still
    work until they expired.

    Welcome to CAs done properly. If you want it harder, there are competitor
    products for that. :-)

    Good luck.

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