LUM unable to modify admingroup

I have been trying to install a new server into an existing tree, and I keep getting the above message (failure) during the installation. I have checked the settings and both admin, and admingroup are already LUM enabled, and I cannot find anything wrong with the existing settings. There are already 2 servers in the ring, and I am creating a new server to replace the existing email server.

Any help in this matter would be most appreciated, as I have run out of ideas.


  • Finally sorted it out: Solution is as follows:-
    On the master server in the replica, carried out the following commands at a terminal prompt,
    namconfig -k

    after which
    rcnamcd restart

    then typed
    id admin

    which worked ok,
    and finally restarted the server.
    When I tried to install the new servers, I went into the LUM section, and manually entered the details, and lo and behold, everything is now working fine.

    Hope this is of use