Can File Changes in iFolder Client be Recovered?

1. SUSE Linux w/ OES 2015 SP1 installed and using iFolder server
2. Windows 10 Client w/ Micro Focus iFolder
1. I have an iFolder Client 3 on a WIndows 10 machine that didn't sync for two weeks (11/30/19 to 12/17/19).
2. I reverted the folder in the iFolder Client to a Normal folder.
3. Uninstalled iFolder Client 3 from the WIndows 10 computer (including AppData folders)
4. Re-installed iFolder Client 3 on the same Windows 10 computer.
5. Merged/synced the folder with the folder on the iFolder server.
6. After the merge/sync was complete, there were a few files that were on the iFolder server, that overwrote the files on the Windows 10 Client.
7. After research, I've noticed that files that were updated between 12/2 and 12/17 had the same timestamp on the server.
8. I tried to reach as much documentation about iFolder as I could and noticed that incremental file changes are saved/synced with the server.
NOTE: There are several "changlelog" files in the AppData; however, they look like binary files and I'm not able to read them. Not sure if these have anything to do with the incremental file changes.