OES2 SP2 shellshock bash vulnerability


I have two OES2 SP2 servers that run on SLES 10.3 that we use as file servers only
I am trying to fix bash or find a work around so they are not vulnerable to the shellshock vulnerability.
There is no patch for OES2 SP2 and I am unable to do online updates anyway. It is broken and never has worked very well.
Is there a way I can update bash without using the online update service?

We are planning to use these servers for only a few more months before we move to MS servers.

Is it possible to me to disable tomcat and apache to prevent any exploits? Would it still work as a file server. I can use imanager on another server in the tree for user management.

I'm just trying to get through the next few months without breaking our servers and without being vulnerable.

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  • germ Wrote in message:

    > Yes, even tried rebooting. Is it just the one package I need to
    > install? Or do I need to install the readline packages as well?

    You certainly need to also install the readline package but
    whether you need to additionally install readline-devel will
    depend on whether that's already installed - check the output of
    "rpm -qa readline*" to determine which readline-related
    package(s) need updating.

    Simon Flood
    Novell Knowledge Partner