Update instead of patch in the channel?

Currently there is an update in the OES2018-Updates channel - this is an update, not a patch.

zypper lu
Refreshing service 'nu_novell_com'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
S | Repository | Name | Current Version | Available Version | Arch
-- ----------------- -------------------- ----------------- ------------------- -------
v | OES2018-Updates | novell-plugin-cifs | 2.4.4-3.9 | 2.4.5-0.7.5 | x86_64

Should we install it? OES documentation says "Do not use the zypper up command by itself without the -t option to update an OES server. Always use the -t patch option" So why is there an non-patch update? Should we ignore it?

  • It's just an iManager plugin, i'd strongly doubt it would harm. It wouldn't be "active" anyway, just "available for installation".
  • I wonder if it would be a problem to generally ignore updates (non-patch) on OES. I have a daily script on all our SLES servers (including OES) that activates a todo-ticket if zypper lu and zypper lr reports something to do. I wonder if its sufficient to monitor zypper lp and remove zypper lu from the script.

    I never really understood the reasoning for the difference between updates and patches. For SLES/OES (almost) everything comes as patch, for LEAP its updates. Is it a mistake that novell-plugin-cifs comes as update or is meaningfull?

  • It's also part of "Update 7 - OES 2018 - Security 16"
    to be found here
    Do you have this installed?
  • Yes, this is installed:

    zypper se -i -t patch | grep "Update 7"
    i | oes2018-2019-16 | Update 7 - OES 2018 - Security | patch
    i | oes2018-2019-17 | Update 7 - OES 2018 eDirectory 9.1.3 - Mandatory | patch
  • I checked my logs from the installation of "Update 7" - novell-plugin-cifs is not among the updated packages:

    zypper up -t patch --auto-agree-with-licenses
    Dienst 'nu_novell_com' wird aktualisiert.
    Repository-Daten werden geladen...
    Installierte Pakete werden gelesen...
    Paketabhängigkeiten werden aufgelöst...

    Das folgende NEUE Paket wird installiert:

    Die folgenden 4 NEUEN Patches werden installiert:
    oes2018-2019-16 oes2018-2019-17 SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP2-2019-439

    Die folgenden 116 Pakete werden aktualisiert:
    novell-dclient novell-dclient-32bit novell-eba novell-eba-32bit
    novell-edirectory-cefinstrument novell-edirectory-dsi novell-edirectory-dsmerge
    novell-edirectory-filesystem novell-edirectory-jclient novell-edirectory-jclnt
    novell-edirectory-json novell-edirectory-ldap-extensions novell-edirectory-ldapserver
    novell-edirectory-libxerces-c novell-edirectory-log4cxx novell-edirectory-netsnmp
    novell-edirectory-objbackup-tool novell-edirectory-openslp novell-edirectory-openssl
    novell-edirectory-passstore novell-edirectory-tsands novell-edirectory-tsands-32bit
    novell-edirectory-xdasinstrument novell-edirectory-xdaslog novell-edirectory-xdaslog-conf
    novell-imanager novell-javaldap novell-kerberos-base novell-kerberos-ldap-extensions
    novell-libsal novell-libsal-32bit novell-lum novell-lum-32bit novell-migration
    novell-migration-edirectory novell-migration-gui novell-migration-gui-base novell-ncpenc
    novell-ncpserv-tools novell-NDSbase novell-NDScommon novell-NDSgams novell-ndsgrepair
    novell-NDSimon novell-NDSmasv novell-NDSrepair novell-NDSserv novell-nit novell-nit-libnit
    novell-nit-libnit-32bit novell-NLDAPbase novell-NLDAPbase-32bit novell-NLDAPsdk
    novell-nmas-client novell-nmas-client-32bit novell-nmas-install novell-nmas-ldap-ext
    novell-nmas-ldap-ext-client novell-nmas-server novell-NOVLembox novell-NOVLice
    novell-NOVLlmgnt novell-NOVLsnmp novell-NOVLsubag novell-NOVLxis novell-npkiapi
    novell-npkiapi-32bit novell-npkit novell-npkit-32bit novell-nss-ncpid
    novell-nss-ncpid-32bit novell-ntls novell-ntls-32bit novell-oes-samba
    novell-oes-samba-32bit novell-oes-samba-libsmbsharemodes0 novell-oes-samba-libtalloc2
    novell-oes-samba-libtdb1 novell-pki-install novell-pkiserver novell-plugin-afp
    novell-plugin-backup-restore novell-plugin-base novell-plugin-case-sensitive-password
    novell-plugin-dfs novell-plugin-edir-extended novell-plugin-encrypted-attributes
    novell-plugin-encrypted-replication novell-plugin-fileman novell-plugin-ice
    novell-plugin-indexmanager novell-plugin-instrumentation novell-plugin-kerberos
    novell-plugin-ldap novell-plugin-merge novell-plugin-nmas novell-plugin-nss
    novell-plugin-pki novell-plugin-priority-sync novell-plugin-pwdmanagement
    novell-plugin-repair novell-plugin-rwiz novell-pluginsdk-webservice
    novell-plugin-service-manager novell-plugin-sms novell-plugin-snmp
    novell-sasl-gssapi-method novell-sms novell-sms-interface-libs
    novell-sms-interface-libs-32bit novell-spmclient-lib novell-spmclient-lib-32bit
    novell-spmclient-module novell-sss novell-usermanagement-imanager-plugin storage-iman

    Die folgenden 4 Patches benötigen einen Systemneustart:
    oes2018-2019-16 oes2018-2019-17 SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-SP2-2019-439
  • Fun I don't have 2018 boxes w/o SP1 available, i can just say that the corresponding stuff installed fine on the SP1 codebase. If there's nothing relevant in /var/log/zypper.log or /var/log/zypp/history regarding novell-plugin-cifs i'm running out of ideas.
    As for the plugin itself: i'd strongly doubt it would harm to simply install it, it's just another npm which doesn't get effective at all without implementing (i.e. installing) within iManager itself.
    Maybe someone with access to a SP1-less offset could share experiences with the latest plugin build.
  • Finally I installed the update, just to get rid of the message - nothing bad happened, as far as I can tell...

  • ...as expected. We've all installed it without issues. Thanks for reporting back.