Rights problem with CIFS and DST


we have the following problem:

Users are set as trustee on a subdirectory with rwcefm rights. Works fine with OES Client. But with CIFS the users can't create files or directories; they can delete and modify existing files.

OES 2018, NSS, DST.

python dst_verify_resync_trustee.py -s does not help.

Manually creating the same directory on the secondary volume and then dst_verify_resync_trustee.py -s DOES help.

REPLICATE_PRIMARY_TREE_TO_SHADOW ist not set, but I don't think that is needed - am I wrong?

Sounds like a bug to me - what do you think?

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  • In case somebody is interested: I opened a Service Request and got the following information, summarized:

    Since OES 2015 there is a change: CIFS relies directly on NSS for trustee information. Because NSS is not DST aware this requires consistent trustees on primary and secondary volumes. This in turn requires REPLICATE_PRIMARY_TREE_TO_SHADOW set to 1.

    Additional helpful tips from support:

    - ncpcon nss verify={Volume_name} to check if trustees are consistent between NCP and NSS
    - ncpcon nss sync={Volume_name} to synchronize from NSS to NCP
    - SYNC_TRUSTEES_TO_NSS_AT_VOLUME_MOUNT temporarily set to 1 to synchronize from NCP to NSS
    - dst_verify_resync_trustee.py to sychronize from primary NSS to secondary NSS
    - the rights command must be used with --dst to set rights on both, primary and secondary volume