abend on NW 6.5 SP5 rtvscan.nlm

Netware server is abending on RTVscan.nlm. When it load vpstart.nlm it
says version is I had upgraded from thinking
that the 10.1.5 would fix the problem. Anyone experiencing this same
problem and have a fix? Thanks.

¦OS Critical 02-27-2007 09:09a
Abnormal Program Termination (Abend: CDestroyProcess called on thread
created by CMakeProcess Running Process: NAV EIP: 2253FFh)

OS Critical 02-27-2007 09:14a
Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process:
02:64 Code executing in module RTVSCAN.NLM v10.0 at offset 6BC80h)