Slow Cluster Migrations OES2015SP1

Sitrep. Upgraded cluster to OES2015SP1, mostly NSS32 drives, san attached. We are currently transitioning from NCP to CIFS based auth for our shares.

Since the upgrade, volumes with large amount of connections will go comatose instead of migrating. The cifs log shows a message of
"ERROR: VERB: SMB2_TreeConnect: No Share exists with name: $VOLNAME$" , this is listed as one of the nuisance messages in but seems related to this....

Once the volumes go comatose, you still need to remove the secondary IP address to migrate the volume.

there used to be nssstart.cfg configuration options for tearing down connections quickly it was /Dirtysomethingsomething I think, but I can't fnd it?
Can someone point me to these switches?

Thanks in advance!
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