Invalid address space state

Hi guys,

Over the weekend I patched one of our netware servers from SP6 to SP8. It runs the groupwise system. This was also upgraded from 7.0.4 to 8.0.2 hp2.

I am getting Invalid Address Space errors in the logger screen. Not sure what is causing it, but I am not sure whether it is a coincidence or symptom as well that WebAccess is experiencing issues with error 503 from the browser.

Troubleshooting this has revealed that restarting tomcat4 fixes it, but only temporarily.

Is it possible that tomcat is the culprit here with the address space issue? How do I find it?


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  • Sorry for the late replys guys.

    Basically the /nodca switch on the POA fixed a lot of the issues. It appeared to be 2 separate ones - The constant loading and unloading of the Document Conversion Agent and the Tomcat versions.

    Essentially, we would get about 30-45min out of tomcat4 before it fell over.

    We are no longer loading tomcat5 (this was used for our UPS agent on the server)


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