NW6.5 Transaction Tracking Not Working

We have an Old 6.5 Novell Server which we are trying to get to take over from an even older 3.12 Server.

This is because the legacy system we are running (written in Clipper with Novlib libraries) controls the transaction tracking processing and roll back on error.

However On Novell 6.5 it does not seem to work correctly.

On the old server we would run a utility called settts.exe with a parameter of "disable", this would report Transaction tracking physical level disabled and logical level disabled (which is correct as our application takes over the control of the TTS procedures from Novell).
If you run this utility while mapped to the Novell 6.5 Box however it reports Transaction tracking is not enabled on this server, however if you run Enable TTS on the server it reports that transaction tracking is already enabled.

Is there a newer version of the settts.exe that works with 6.5, or some other configuration that would make 6.5 work the way that 3.12 does.

The 6.5 Volume is an old style Volume not NSS so should have TTS on it by default anyway, the corruptions we have been seeing are sections of .dbf files missing (from partway through one record to part way through a subsequent record further down the file), so not cleanly record for record.

Any suggestions welcome?
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    As you are aware, NetWare 6.5 is very old which makes NetWare 3.12
    simply ancient!

    If you have maintenance or would consider purchasing maintenance, you
    could open a Service Request with Micro Focus technical support. They
    likely have access to information that forum volunteers do not.

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