Remouving a netware server from a NDS tree


I have to remove a netware 6.5 server from the tree. it doesn't have the master replica. and it doesn't have any read/write replica too.
it only have it s one partition.
On the other hand Same others servers on the tree have read/write replicat from this server ( the one i have to remove).
May i have to delete these r/w replicas first from the others servers before uninstalling the DS on this server or the replicas on the others servers will be deleted alone after the DS will be uninstall on the server i had to remove ?

  • If this server has a replica of any kind, remove it first. Once done you
    can either use nwconfig to remove eDirectory gracefully, or you can just
    power off the box and then delete its NCP Server object from the tree
    using whatever tool you prefer (LDAP is fastest) and the rest will clean
    itself up. For that matter, if you're really done with the box, you can
    just turn it off, delete its server object, and the tree will clean up the
    partition's replica ring on its own.

    Either way, be sure the box never turns on and connects to the tree again.

    Good luck.

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