OES Client 2 SP4 (IR11) - Error 0xFFFFFA27 Lenovo 300e

Just another follow up on my previous post about this same issue. I ran some test on the latest release of IR11 on our Lenovo 300e winbooks. I get the same results with the fix being to back rev the NICI to 2.77 to get the login to work. I noticed this seems to be something with the 300e and N23 series of laptops.

I would normally start an SR with MicroFocus to start working on this but working for k12 schools I don't have a cheap way to do so. I have talked with Lenovo support twice on this issue with the same results both time. Call MicroFocus.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this or not. If Someone in MicroFocus wishes to work on this and would like to use my systems as a test bed to get this resolve I am more then willing to provide logs and a system to test against. Just can't afford to create an SR.


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