Install disk says wrong version

I've just installed a NW6.5 sp8 server. Post install, I used same product disk to add some feature.
In the server gui, I clicked on the ini file and after a short time the server reported that I was using the wrong version of the install source. Kind of weird since I has used it a short time earlier to set the server up.

  • Hi Thomas,

    What happens if you try this:

    "Using Deloyment Manager to Install Additional Products"

    1. Log in to the network from a Windows workstation running Novell Client software.

    2. Run nwdeploy.exe (or nwdeploynobrowser.exe for the non-browser version), located at the root of NetWare 6.5 SPx CD 1 (Operating System).

    3. Under Post-Install Tasks, click the Install NetWare 6.5 Products link.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions for adding the desired products.