Login Client 2 SP2 updated. Scripts no longer run.

The subject says it all.

Had a running windows 7 machine with zCM 11.1A and Login client SP1 IR9a ... updated it to Login Client SP2 and now all of a sudden my login script no longer runs. If I right click on nwtray and select login... and do so... oh hey! My Script runs.


Extremely frustrated.
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  • Cgreiner;2167862 wrote:
    Where do you have uncheck the "Clear connections"
    we don't find it on the Novell Client 2.1 SP2


    Hello Claude
    In Windows, run an app called NWTRAY.EXE then in your system tray you'll see a red N icon

    Right click the red N icon and select properties.
    Click the advanced login tab
    You should see the 5th option down to be "Clear Connections"

    Hope this helps