Local user rights for ACU.EXE?

Dear Folks,

I'm afraid I know the answer to this one... but it's going to be ugly.

I'm setting up the client for a roll out of an OES2 SP1 on Susi 10 SP 2 with Client 4.91 SP5 network upgrade from Windows NT 4.0. My user community will have a few adaptations to make, one of which is that I'm using autoadminlogon to force the local user on the Win XP Pro machines to be a Limited account. Teachers can re-log with the shift key and log in as Teacher (how long will the password remain secret???). Computers that are dedicated to just a teacher will have a local account the same as the novell login for the owner.

After about a week of fussing I have it almost the way I want. I'm using SetupIP.exe and an unattend file to push out the settings I want, including the Update Agent settings. I'm running ACU.EXE from the login script.

When a person logs in with the student local account (limited) there is an error that they do not have enough rights to run the application (I assume ACU.EXE).

Does anyone have a solution for this? If it is just checking to see if the update is necessary, is there any possibility of making it work? Is there any way for the login script to know whether the local login has enough rights? Can I do something to run ACU.EXE with higher rights than the local user?

Thanks In Advance
Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School