Cannot reconnect to mapped drives after Win7 wakes

Have an issue with two laptops. Both are HP but different models. When these units go to sleep and are wakened, you cannot reconnect to the mapped drives. If you try to log back on without rebooting, you get an error of what is basically it cannot find the server. One of the machines I upgraded to the latest Novell client (SP3 IR6) the other is still on SP3 IR3. The one with IR6 has been able reconnect for quite some time. Didn't worry about because it is the machine I use and do not regularly need to have access to the mapped drives. The other worked until last Wednesday when the video malfunctioned and made a small change in the video settings and rebooted.

If this helps the computers are HP Elitebooks. One is an 8460p, the other an 8570p.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.