Client connects to server, but doesn't map drives

A Windows 7 PC with Client 2 takes a user's login credentials and authenticates them to the tree, but doesn't accomplish the drive mappings that are called in the login script. When I show the Netware Connections, she shows as connected to the tree and authenticated. When we open up "My Computer" she doesn't have her drives mapped that should come from the server.
Then, while logged in as her, I right-clicked on the red-N, and logged in as the Admin. The same workstation, with the same Windows user, processed the login script and mapped the drives for the admin. So the workstation and its software can run the script and map the drives.
The server is running Netware 6.5.2. I presume that I need to update the server, but the other Windows 7 PCs aren't having the problem.