New DNS server installation

I am fairly new to work with OES and DNS. Have a site that currently is running a OES2 server with DNS. The have a second one as well, but it doesn't appear to have all o the zones as the first. What I would like to do is install a new OES11 server into the tree and make it a dedicated DNS server for them. Is there a way to set it up so that it pulls the zone information from the current one and they two replicate between each other? I was told if the current DNS server is a caching only forwarder, then just install a second one with the same configuration and point the clients to it as one of two DNS servers. If they're running zones authoritatively, that's a different approach. I assume that means independent of each other. Looking for the best way of approaching this, but also trying to find out how the current environment for dns is setup.


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  • If I understand you correctly you just need to set up the new server (and install DNS making sure to select the option to create the DNS server object) and add it as an authoritative server under the Java Management Console. Your original server will be set as the primary DNS server. All others in the authoritative list are secondary to it. They will sync the information regularly (every 15 minutes by default). If you make a change to the zones then all DNS servers assigned to the zone should have the changes within 15 minutes (unless you change how often the dynamic reconfig runs.... default is 15 minutes, min is 10 minutes).