oes 2012 audit filesystem - jrbutils


So i'm trying to find all users and groups that have access to a filesystem and lots of directories below it.


I don't have file reporter... So fsrights from jrbutils.... I put the path in and select users but unless i want to individually run it for each user i put * in the top box.. .from what i can see.  This means it shows all users.. I guess the filter is to show those with permissions... is this the right way to go it looks like it might take a couple of days 2000 folder and 600 users?

Just leaving it looking for Users and set it to show any with any permissions.... Is there a quicker way.

Our users aren't in one context so can be all over the tree and are in the same containers as groups etc...

  • Are you looking an effective rights report for any user? Or rather just for a list of all trustee assignments set on a given volume?

    In the latter case you can simply run a trustee report from within NORM.


  • I need to list all who have access.  

    So I guess that's effective rights reports... So it will include our tree admin, and all the users that should have access (and then i can see if i've given to much access to people that shouldn't see it).


    NORM... Remote Manager. I completely forgot about that! goes off to read up on how to do that in Remote Manager.

  • In NORM the fastest way would be "Manage NCP Services" -> "View Trustee Reports".

    But that would give you only explicit trustee assignments. If you e.g. have granted RFWCM to userA this would be listed, but if userB would be security equivalent to userA this obviously wouldn't be mentioned in the reports. Same of course applies to rights coming from group membership, container level, role or NDS supervisory rights to any given NCP server objects.

    An effective rights report would involve effective rights calculation for ANY user on ANY file / directory.