oes2018Sp1: after latest updates I lose nss functionality

We are running 2 servers with Oes2018 version 2018.1 Sp1, and after the latest online updates, I lose the nss volumes together with nssmu failing to work. The nss partitions are still there, but something is broken. I probably have missed something in the documentation regarding this issue, but would be grateful of any pointers to resolve this problem.



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    Assuming the nds daemon is really running fine:

    check /var/log/messages for the keyword "startnss.bsh", this will likely provide info 'bout where stuff starts failing. Doublecheck that there's no antivirus dillidally running, we've seen instances where it locked contents of _admin which will cause issues like those you encounter.

    You might also review the content of /etc/opt/novell/nss/nssstart.cfg. While chances are low that it's been corrupted on two boxes at the same time its processing is very picky about typos.

    What do you see on

    mount |grep nssadmin


  • Thanks for your help. I checked the certificate of authority, and they were OK, but I did not check the server certificates, which were out of date. Once I then created default server certificates (overwriting the old ones) I got things working again.

    Once again, thanks for your assistance,