OES18 Cifs Mac problems error message in logs.


Our macs running various versions of os X and are all hitting CIFS issues on our latest OES18 servers.  OES2 servers seem fine but on OES18 no end of problems being able to open but not save files, or not being able to delete them... Changing the log level to info i've now at least got an error message.... Struggling to find out what it means anyone come across similar.


2019-07-18T15:21:41.412660 01:00 LGHOES-DATA2 cifsd[10529]: INFO: VERBS: SMB2_Create: FID transition failed for file: /media/nss/VOL3/RANDOM FILE NAME.jpg, FID : 28991, FID-error: 128, error: <0xC0000043>