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Integrate OES with Cloud & Object Storage

Status : Delivered
over 5 years ago
(On-prem/off-prem) object storage solutions and cloud storage solutions provide better TCO than traditional storage infrastructures. These systems also provide other value-adds such as infinite (and elastic) scalability, no forklift migration, quick provisioning, etc. Most of these systems are built to handle secondary data (and data that does not change often) very well and usually expose a REST interface.

Enhance OES to integrate with these systems for its secondary data needs as well to move data that has not been accessed for a while (DST - Dynamic Storage Technology) to address tiering/archival needs.

Additional capabilities such as encryption, de-duplication, compression to reduce the friction to adopt cloud storage by enterprises would be a major plus.

This should help reduce overall TCO for OES customers while enabling the IT depts to provide services quickly to their organization. This should address the needs of both big enterprises and SMBs.

Vendors providing object/cloud storage solutions:

* SuSE Storage/Ceph/Redhat Storage
* Scality
* Cleversafe
* Cloudian
* Caringo
* Openstack Swift
* Amazon AWS S3
* Microsoft Azure


  • It would be great to allow secondary or third tier of DST to be stored as objects via S3 protocol! This would allow storage of "less important data" on very cheap storage - even in the cloud. When adding this functionality also some caching for these objects might need to implemented to improve performance for clients that access that data through NCP / CIFS because the latency and the bandwidth to cloud storage might be sub-optimal compared to local storage.