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Novell Client Redesign for Windows 10

Status : Delivered
over 5 years ago
internal design of Novell Client 2 (since begin of Windows Vista) is a pain:
- a lot of errors with the caching feature
- very slow in handshaking protocol stack design (not so efficient compared to Novell Client for Windows XP)

we hope for a new 'dream team' in near future - Novell Client for Windows 10 and OES 2015
(maybe the new open source strategies of Microsoft allow a better and more powerfull client integration now ...)

today, with the power of PC hardware (cpu, ssd) the windows 7 client computers are very fast in computing power,
but the slowness of the novell client handshaking protocol with OES based data store will force the user to copy the network data to local drive first,
compute completely local and copy the local result back to network drive finally.
This situation occurs in working with Geographic Information Systems like ArcGIS-Desktop from ESRI Inc.
  • For lack of a better status tag - marking it complete as the only other option is marking it inappropriate.
  • With cache implementation in latest clients this should mostly be addressed by now. If not, please open an SR. Capturing the redesign aspects in newly created
  • I know, but this did not resolve our application problem - see Novell Tech answer: "Due to the great amount of redesign that it is needed to match performance between win7 and winxp, we can not make the whole changes at once. The attached build has some changes to improve performance but it is still not yet done as we keep working to totally match both performances If this new changes did not help you on your particular case, engineering will keep adding code to help with the performance. As this is not a simple bug that it can be fixed changing a line of code, but it is an issue that requires a lot of new code, the enhancements will be introduced along the year 2014. As we can not set a particular date, it can take all year to introduce this new code"
  • There was a bugfix for ArcGIS in IR8 (or slightly before) for Client 2 SP3 which now matches the performance of the Windows XP Client.