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Novell Client Redesign (Look & Feel)

Status : Delivered
over 5 years ago
I realise there are a number of ideas regarding the Novell client now but my idea is based on the current Windows client. Functionally, the Windows client hasn't changed at all for as long as I can remember (apart from Space Restrictions now giving the option of MB, GB & TB - hurrah!) .

Due to the size of our set up, we have to devolve file store administration and our users who are given this responsibility like the convenience of managing their permissions using the Explorer interface.

However, the client's Trustee Rights window is of a fixed size and makes tree browsing a pain. Furthermore, the trustee window itself only displays about 3 trustees at a time. It would be great if this window was scalable. Better still, it would be great if you could just enter a username without caring what the context is and a simple LDAP lookup will find the user object for you. Even better still , you could have the option of typing in someone's real name and the LDAP lookup will find the user object / username for you based on that.

Within the Inherited Rights and Filters window, our users find the list of trustees inherited from parent directories confusing and consequently start un-ticking these boxes thinking they're only affecting the subfolder they clicked on, when of course they're affecting the original trustee assignment. Can this be changed so that the Window only reports the inherited trustees?

Under ConsoleOne and NetWare Administrator, you had the option of displaying the Effective Rights for any user on a particular folder, not just yourself. Can this feature be added into the Novell client too?