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NSS support for NFSv4

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
There have been some occasional requests for exposing NSS via NFSv4 protocol. If this is of interest to you please, add a comment with the use case and up vote it.



  • Symbolic links should work with NFS. I've used NFS mounts for home directories before and it's always worked well.
  • Thank you very much for the information. As there is no support yet for NFSv4 we never tested NFS for OES for obvious security reasons.
  • Last time I had a look at Linux Desktop both KDE and Gnome refused to work without the right to define symbolic links in the $HOME folder. So while the concept of a common home folder for all OS is tempting OES might be not the right platform to do this. Or can I set symbolic links via NFS? It will not work on NSS through CIFS or NCP.
  • I'll just "bump" and join the choir by agreeing with Gerd's comment: we need to expose the same home directory for all users. It should be irrelevant which platform they log on from - Windows, Linux or MacOS. And on a side note: if this "gateway function" could be combined with Cloud Integration in OES, but instead expose private cloud storage (i.e. Ceph/SES) as NSS volumes, it would be brilliant!
  • Exporting NSS volumes via NFSv4 is required to allow clients to benefit from lock-blocking, plus the ability to present each export as appearing to be a subdirectory of the pseudo-fs.