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OS X Support for DNS/DHCP Console

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 6 years ago
The DNS/DHCP Console runs on Windows and Linux, but not officially on OS X (unofficially -- see below). As OS X clients are increasingly coming into Novell environments and the Console now runs completely with Java and LDAP, it would increase the sysadmin base if there were an option to use it on OS X.

Proposed Solution:
Make the minor code modifications needed and package the console as a standalone OS X application. Novell bug 868916 already addresses the code portion (and is mostly complete), and the instructions for packaging it up (as well as a working copy of the code) can be found at:

Value Proposition:
Sysadmins who prefer OS X (who are increasing in number) would have one less reason to stay away from OES as an Enterprise platform. We OS X sysadmins would also have one less reason to keep a Windows or Linux box around.