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Replace iManager to work without Java

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 5 years ago
iManager relies on Java. Perhaps a different design is needed, one that works without a browser or has more consistent behavior with many more browsers, and without Java. Or perhaps a better product is needed, one with a user interface that improves navigation. Java is being deprecated by more and more organizations. Perhaps a programming design should begin without a runtime environment and interpreter.


  • Perhaps Python could be a replacement for Java at the client side. Python is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS. iManager tasks could be made available as Python libraries so it would also be possible to embed iManager into other tools.
  • I agree that iManager needs some work but I'm reluctant to insist on a specific solution. As the suggestion states, Java has issues. Perhaps by focusing on those issues and other deficiencies we can make a stronger case and garner additional votes?
  • HTML5 and less issue with browser versions. Get all the people responsible for writing all the imanager plug-ins and make them use each other's plug-ins to do an admin task... like add a iprint printer or create a volume or upload a driver etc. Then maybe someone will see what a real pain it is to work with.. needing different browsers,needing to run browser as Windows admin etc....
  • Here is a vendor that has a browser administration solution that looks unbelievable within all browsers. Can the next iManager generation be written like this? Its the Synology DSM management console. Here is a YouTube Video that coves this administration console GUI -