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REST Interface for NSS File Access

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago
There are numerous requests for Client for OES on Linux and Mac and redesign of Client for OES for Windows.

There are currently no active proposals to create a new client for Linux or Mac. But taking off from the discussions in those ideas, it's proposed to create a REST Interface for NSS File Access, which can be used to build customer UI / workflow / interfaces regardless of the client platform.

This summary idea is created to capture all the below IDEAS portal request(s) and the individual ones will be closed.

1) Provide a proper cross-platform NCP client for Mac and Linux - 93 votes

2) Novell Client Redesign (Look & Feel) - 61 votes

3) Provide iPrint and Novell client for Linux - 58 votes

4) Novell Client Redesign for Windows 10 - 41 votes


Novell Client
  • In my understanding this might result in a replacement for NetStorage with clients for different platforms similar to the Filr clients. Sounds interesting, but isn't Filr already serving this purpose?
  • REST does not mean HTTP and I would hope that this new idea isn't suggesting a REST over HTTP interface. I'm curious what you mean by "what happened" as diminishing the possibility of NCP libraries. That would be, by far, the most future proof option. It allows simplifying the cross-platform process and allows third parties to develop clients, including web clients.
  • Doug, this (REST interface) is a suggestion from the listed ideas ... NCP libraries was an option - but given the history, challenges and what happened, that's less likely a route. So, the REST interface is not a finalized option - just listed a possibility from the earlier customer comments ... seems future proof and also enabling web clients.
  • Would it not make more sense to create NCP libraries for a few of the more open/common languages? It gives you the same end result (platform agnostic development) but with the benefits of the existing NCP instead of building something new.
  • 5) Make OES complete solution for heterogenus clients (Linux, OSX, Windows). - 35 votes