Going from VMWare 5.5/SLES11SP3/eDir 8.8 SP8 to VMWare 6.5/OES2018SP1


Hi All;


Our current environment is all virtualized on ESX5.5. We have approximately 10 servers running SLES11SP3 with OES 8.8 SP8 . Some of the physical hardware is too old to support VMWare/ESX 6.5 so I will be getting some supported hardware. As of now, we have a file server and a 'services' server that runs DNS/DHCP, and LDAP in each location. My plan is to stand up a brand new server on the new VMWare 6.5 host with OES2018SP1 and upgrade the exisitng tree in doing so. I would make a new server the master replica. I would then build file servers and migrate user files. Are there any 'gotchas' with this scenario?  It's not going to be instant so is there a problem with a mixed environment having two different versions of eDirectory? 


TL;DR We have all old stuff, no in place upgrades of SUSE or eDir. Any problems upgrading the tree with new OES2018SP1 servers and old servers running 8.8SP8?



John Gooderham




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