New feature subtasks in 3.1: insufficient rights

Hi Forum,

I can't move a task below another as a subtask due to insufficient rights.
The tasks are in a team workspace and was created by another team member.
I can edit both tasks. Only the buttons to change the order or move tasks below / above are grayed out.
Tasks are ordered ascending like describe din the documentaion.

Unfortunately the documentaion says nothing about rights to move tasks above or below....

Any hints?



  • Hi,

    i need the right called
    "Modify, Move, or Delete Folders and Workspaces"
    which is _not_ default in the team member role.
    With the default rights only a workspace / folder admin or the owner can create such subtasks or modify the order.....
    If i create a new role with the additional right, and assign this role to the team for a workspace, all members can move,modify and delete all folders and workspaces.
    If this is not what I want, a workarround would be to modify the access control only for the task folder, which is time intense.
    Is that exactly what novell wanted?

  • Well thanks for being the only person to post about this. I am having the same issue too. It doesn't make much sense to have this feature and only allow Workspace creators/owners to have this feature. All team members should have it by default. I still haven't figured out how to modify just the task folder permissions, but no doubt will eventually. The way this is now, it's like a Windows system requiring administrator privileges for a user to create a subfolder on his/her desktop. There has to be a better way.